Works for power houses for men; Eating these dry dates and milk intake in winter

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> The masonry is also called dry dates
> Dry dates contain anti-oxidant properties
> dry dates consumption can be highly beneficial.

When it comes to winter, especially delicious and deep dry fruits are available. Here we are talking about the dry dates, which needs all in the winter months. The dry dates are known for many health benefits, but do you know that the masonry is also called dry dates. This is the second form of a date. When the drought becomes dry, its skin shrinks, then it is said to be reconnaissance. They are also used for religious purposes during festivals in Indian homes. Besides, this is an excellent source of energy. It is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can help you regain good health.

Experts say, "Dried dates are less humid than fresh dates, you can keep them for longer periods. Calories are very high in dry dates compared to date, men who have any weakness or lean If you want to increase the weight and increase the weight, it can be very beneficial for them to eat. The excavator is an excellent source of fiber and protein that helps your body to be healthy. Do not help. Calcium and get a good source. dry dates gainer in less than food cooked in milk vitamin C.

How to consume

You can take milk and dry dates together. For this, first of all, you need to break 3 pieces in a glass of milk (250 mL). When the milk starts to boil well and the sleeves become soft then turn off the gas. When the milk becomes slightly cold, it can drink before sleeping. This will give you many health benefits.

Benefits of dry dates and milk

beneficial for heart

The fat is reduced in the mint and cholesterol is not equal to it. In addition, they are known to control low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in our bloodstream. It contains less sodium content and potassium which is beneficial to keep blood pressure under control. This protects our body from heart diseases.
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The digestive system does repair

Dry dates contain antioxidant properties that stimulate metabolism which further helps in weight loss. In addition, they are filled with soluble and insoluble fiber, which help to increase the secretion of digestive juices and increase absorption of foodstuffs. However, it is recommended that they do not take more than 2-3 dry dates daily, given that they are high in calories. Its use with hot milk does not make it difficult to clean the stomach.

Strengthens bones

The resonant is rich with calcium. Apart from this, abundant calcium is also found in milk. Bones are strengthened by their intake. Also, the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis is reduced. Bone increases density.

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Remove weakness

The everyday weakness of the body is removed from milk and dry dates. Regular consumption of blood in the winter leaves the lack of blood in the body. Muscles get stronger. Along with men, the lack of sperm is removed in men. This is a very beneficial diet for lean slim men.
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