weight loss tips diet plan These 10 reasons are not getting weight loss in 2019

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> Even after a lot of effort, your weight is not decreasing, then this may be 10 reasons.
> There are some such habits, due to which your weight does not decrease.
> The need for nutrients is different for our body at all ages.

Many times you try different types of exercise, dieting, and medicines for weight loss, even if you do not lose weight. Especially the fat deposited on the stomach does not end easily. Despite attempts, there may be several reasons for not losing weight. Let's tell you, what is not decreasing due to your weight and by changing the habits you can reduce the stomach fat.

Excess calorie intake
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With aging, the need for nutrients of the body of the body also separates. But according to a common belief, people continue to eat the same food even after aging, which is coming from childhood and youth. Calorie needs also vary in food with age. In such a situation, when the calories increase in the body and they are not consumed, they are stored in the body parts as fat.

Sit in the wrong poster

The reason for fat on the stomach is not just due to excessive eating and exercise. One reason for this is the wrong position of sitting. The stomach muscles start coming outwards due to sitting for long, sitting on the shoulders and working for work. Due to the wrong poster, the fat accumulates on the stomach.

Thyroid problem

Hypothyroidism is responsible for increasing weight in women. Common symptoms include fatigue, cold intolerance, weight gain, dry skin, and constipation. Increasing weight results in the lack of metabolic rate in the body.

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Stress and lack of sleep

When sleeping, the cortisol hormone is formed, which helps in making body mussels. Due to not having enough sleep, weight does not increase. Due to stress, hunger is less. This makes the routine worse. It also has an effect on the digestive system. This weight healthier person also becomes lean.

Late morning or late breakfast

Due to not having breakfast in the morning, our metabolism slows down because there is a long gap between dinner and morning snacks. In such a situation, due to long intervals, the body lacks nutrients. With this fat does not burn properly and the weight begins to grow.

Eat unhealthy snacks

Many times people keep on throwing something in the mouth during the long journey, whether it is samosa, chips or burgers. All these fill the stomach with unhealthy snacks and calories get more. So if you are on a long journey, keep a nutritious diet with you and keep a water bottle together. During the journey, you can eat fruit, carrot, cucumber or salad.

Drink more coffee

Coffee has become an important part of Lifestyle. Now we do not just drink coffee on need, but make it a habit. Many times if Longo has to meet at some place, then he plans to meet at the coffee shop. Where they drink coffee and eat some snacks or brownies with them too. In addition, drink coffee repeatedly in the office. This habit increases weight. If you want to drink then drink green tea.

Keep on eating all the time

Many people will eat 4 times even snacks and snacks too. If you have a habit of eating snacks at minute-minutes then eat it a little bit because it increases calories in the body. Weight increases due to excess calories.

More carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrate increases the level of blood glucose, which increases the amount of insulin. In such a way, the body increases in weight which causes a rise in weight. Some scientists believe that simple carbohydrate such as sugars, glucose, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc. are helpful in weight gain because the body absorbs them rapidly. Complex carbohydrates cannot be absorbed so quickly such as pasta, brown rice, greens vegetables, raw fruits etc.

Slowing metabolism

As the aging progresses, the metabolic rate decreases rapidly in the body. And in this way, the previous kind of calories burn not and the body starts accumulating in the form of fat.

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