want to make body and stay fit and lose weight these things which make your new year resolution come true (JANUARY 2019)

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 new year resolution for fitness and bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a science. This is something far ahead and very big of putting penalties and drinking milk. You see bigger bodies, which are 18-inch biceps on top of six-pack abs, they are not made from milk and penalties. They make science and fighting. If you understand this science then you will achieve good results in less time, fewer expenses and fewer mistakes. Otherwise, the body, time and rupee will have to suffer the loss.

Bodybuilding has roughly three parts-

1 exercise
2 Diet
3 rest

Exercise is done according to need. After spending time in the gym and after consulting the expert you know what is right for you at the present time.


One to one and a half hour spent in the gym ask for six hours of food from you. In these arrangements, there is both time and money. If you are thinking of making something really big to your dreams, then take care of pocket.
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The day is restless, the night is restless, where the body will be happy. During exercise, there is a lot of breakdown in your body. This shattering repair happens during rest. If you can not sleep for eight hours then it is very difficult to get good results.

It is important for the good body to calculate whether there is food and how much it is to eat. There are lots of things to eat, some of which are protein, fat etc, you have to gather this information and you will be able to make a good diet chart. You are doing everything right, but if you do not take the right path then the result will be in vain.

The science of Diet:

There are some words that you can hear more about these days. Such as protein, calories, carbohydrate, fat Let's know what these words mean for you

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 You need energy (energy) from running and running to breathing. This energy is measured in calories. The energy you eat and drink gives you energy. However, the issue of the issue is that weight loss or calorie intake is going to increase weight.

The question is how many. It has a simple formula, if your weight is 100 kg then you have to take 100 times 30 or 3000 calories. Determine your weight multiplied by 30 times.

Protein :

 Creates protein moles and preserves them. Energy consumption is also used to digest it and it also provides energy. There is also direct mathematics for determining the quantity, those who go to the gym should take protein between one to two grams per kilogram of weight. For example, 60 kg of weight is between 60 to 120 grams of protein throughout the day.

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Carbohydrate :

It gives us the energy to work. It turns out very quickly in glucose than protein and fat. Indians have a good amount of carbohydrate meal in the food pulses, rice, roti, and vegetables. Now you depend on how much carbs you want, on the question of how many calories you want. If you want two thousand calories a day, you have to take 250 grams of carbohydrate. Run the formula 2000 by 2 and then whoever comes, run away from 4.

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What and how much in the diet

45 percent carbohydrate
15 percent fat
40 percent protein

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Keep in mind that this is a baseline. It is imperative to be less than the body needs. Before deciding for on your diet plan and exercise, you should consult the expert.

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