Cardio exercise


> Cardio Exercise can be less than half the fat.
> Calorie burns up to 25 percent by regular pilgrimage
> There is also a balance of food and full sleep, very important.

Cardio exercises are very beneficial for reducing stress and burning calories. Cardio is the abbreviation for cardiovascular. By doing cardiovascular exercises, all diseases of the heart stay away and this also benefits other body parts like lungs, liver, kidneys etc. Cardio exercises have good blood circulation throughout the body along with the heart, so that the whole body is healthy. According to experts, if you exercise 30 minutes of cardio daily for 5 days a week, the possibility of heart diseases can be reduced by up to 50%. The best thing is that these exercises can be easily done at home or in the park. You do not need to go to a gym for this. It also controls your weight and keeps you fit both inside and outside.

Daily jogging is beneficial

Up to 25 percent of calories burned after regular walks in the morning. According to a survey, by exercising, so many calories burn in one week. Those who do jogging or exercising, their stomach fat is reduced by up to twenty percent in three months. To reduce belly fat, walk and jogging for 25 to 30 minutes daily. If you can not keep pace continuously, take a break in the middle and then complete the remaining time. Walk fast and then reduce the speed. As fast as you can walk, do it. You can do the same even on the trade-off. While listening to music, you can listen to music in slow voice while you are walking, which gives you speed and courage. Increase the speed of the steps with every next song. Once you become habituated you will not be able to stay without a walk on your own.

Cardio exercise

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Ball exercises

The Exercise Ball looks a little funny, and the more people exercising on it. But this is a big thing. This exercise is very helpful in reducing belly. To do this exercise, lie directly on the back of the ground on the ground. Now lift the balls in the exercise and lift your legs up. After this, grab the ball of your hands on your feet and then take the feet down and come up again with the ball. Likewise, the ball that has been raised with the feet should be cooked again. Do this process continuously 12 to 15 times.

Classic Exercise

Exercise stability ball to tone stomach muscles. To do this exercise, retain the upper part of the waist on the ball. Maintain support to stay with hands and elbows. Now pull the fingers of the feet slightly and take the bottom part towards the ground. Bring the body in the shape and that the body should be in the straight line from head to heel. Stay in this situation from thirty to sixty seconds or more. and then repeat this exercise on right and left side too.

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Crunch Exercise

The crutch for Flat Belly is also an amazing exercise. But do it most later. First of all focus on your diet. After that, Cardio, Muscle Building and then Abs Exercise and more. Applying this sequence can easily reduce the stomach fat. But with this, you must make cardio exercises. Plus, most gyms have a Captain Chair. use it. Set 1-3 of 12-16 repetitions every day. Very soon the effect will be seen

Complete sleeping and eating

Stomach fat cannot be reduced by just exercise. If you eat a lot of junk food or you like to eat fried food, then if you want to reduce the stomach, then start avoiding them now. Instead of normal flour, eat chapatti with barley and gram flour instead of food. Eat almonds every day Research suggests that eating almonds daily can reduce the waist to about six and six inches in 24 weeks. Just take at least 2,000 calories a day in a few days. It is also necessary to take complete sleep with it. In the case of sleep, harmful hormones are more likely to cause stress due to negligence and also increase fat on the stomach. In the night people who have 6 to 7 hours of sleep have less stomach fat. Often the problem of oral is seen in people who are more or less sleepy.

push up

Cardio exercise for weight loss

Climbing the stairs:

Accelerating climbing stairs is another way to increase heart rate. It is very beneficial and can be done anywhere.

Raising knees:

Apart from this cardio exercise, besides standing alone in a stable position with hips and feet, one should knock the knee as high as possible and then take it down. After this, continue the entire process.

Entry into the floor:

Try in the floor like a push-up style and lie, but make sure you start from a permanent position. Before leaving the position of lying, touch the floor with your fingers and touch it like you could have done it while bending. Then come back by touching your feet.

Kick Your Butt:

This is one of the famous cardio exercises at home. Start kicking your butt with your high heel. Make sure your currency is straight and keep it lightweight as well.


Jumping Cardio is another form of exercise. Just keep your feet together with your hands. Jump and keep your feet on the edges and lift your hands on your head. Before jumping again make sure your legs are together and after your arms.

Pick a high heel:

For this exercise, left high heels of shoes about an inch from the ground and make sure that the upper part of your body is comfortable. You can move or rotate the status as you like.

Mountain hiking:

Just do as you are climbing on the mountain. Bring your feet towards your chest and keep the other behind. Keep hands on the floor, follow the suit, change the situation and repeat.

Planck style push-up:

Give your body the position as you would with a panel and be in the same position on the ground. Bring your body up as you would when you push-up

Push up like a diver:

Start with a stand and put a push-up just like the top with the chest and face downwards. Repeat the same, but while coming back make sure you take your hips out and salute.

This was some cardio exercise at home. But it is important to do so to notice the results.

So if these articles seem to work, do not eat alone like peanuts, share it with friends like Cadbury.

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