BODYBUILDING | A Complete source of rich protein foods (JANUARY 2019)

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If you are also passionate about bodybuilding, start taking a healthy diet right away. People with good bodies take special diet in their diets so that their body mussels are immediately formed. Today, the craze of bodybuilding is growing very fast. What is the child and the old man, who is watching the same day going to the gym and sweating hours? But friends are going to go to the gym and only sweating sweat is not going to happen. If you want a good body, you will have to take protein and nutritious diet. For bodybuilding, you have to stop eating sugar, carb, and extra fat food. Some people who are fond of bodybuilding, they eat an only egg, chicken breast and brown rice in their diet because they have no information about other diets. But friends, if you are also fond of BodyBuilding, then we will give you information on such food, which will make your body soon after regular eating. People who build bodybuilding need a lot of strength, and if their immune system is not strong then there are many types of diseases. and It is necessary to eat such foods, which also make their body, get energy and also strengthen their immune system.

the best protein diet for muscle growth

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There is nothing better than an egg for egg bodybuilding because it has 84 percent protein and 0 percent fat in its white part. The egg should always be eaten by boiling. To make mussels, you need to eat up to 5-6 eggs in a day.
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Nobody knows about the benefits of crab seafood that there are different types of nutrients found and there is no calorie in it at all.


Mutton is full of protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B. Eat mutton once a week but try to make sure that mutton is not fried.

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Fish need mono-saturated fat to increase your muscles. When all the body fat is burnt while working out, then mono-saturated fat deposited in the body increases energy only in the body.

snail, oats, and paneer 

This is a special bodybuilding diet for men. There is a special nutritious type of nutrient which also helps in increasing the testosterone.
Oats eat oats to increase the process of catabolism in the body. It does not cause fat in the body by eating it.
Paneer does not have any fat in it and there is too much protein in it. That is why it is good for bodybuilding.

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Broccoli, peanut butter 

Broccoli contains vitamin C which does not allow the cells to worsen immediately and increases the body's resistance to the disease.
By eating peanut butter or peanut, the body gets energy immediately. Eating it does not seem very hungry for a long time.

Red chili and Sweet potato

If the spinach is making body-eaters regularly, then their body will soon be formed. Chilli is considered to be good food for red or green chili bodybuilding. It is known for strengthening the bones and for good blood circulation. Blubbery contains a lot of nutritious ingredients, which keep the diseases away. It also helps in the formation of cellular elasticity in the body.
Sweet potato provides a healthy carbohydrate in it, which requires a bodybuilder because it gets the stamina to work them out. Tomato is vitamin A which is considered good for bodybuilding. Fat also burns fat and stretch is also less in muscles.

 Green tea and figs 

Green tea is the best thing about it that gives birth to good bacteria in the body so that the bodybuilders' immune system is strong and diseases are far away.
Figs Here we are talking about fresh figs and not dry figs. If it is consumed every day it makes the body strong. One should eat the fruit of fig in the day.

Mushrooms and tofu

Mushrooms are mushrooms in white mushrooms. There is a lot of nutrition in it, which helps in making muscles. and Tofu contains all that is found in meat. In this, amino acids and many substances are found in which the muscles grow rapidly.


You should eat pulses daily because it contains lots of protein and nutrition. Yogurt contains a lot of complex and sugar soluble protein. It gives power to workouts. Pineapple If you have to make good muscles then you should eat fresh pineapple. This provides energy for workouts. Olive oil, replace your vegetable oil and buy olive oil. It contains essential fatty acids and monosaturated fats which are useful in making mussels.

dark chocolate

dark chocolate is considered to be the best ingredient for the body. Dark chocolate must be eaten once a week. Many donors contain many proteins and fibers. Eat this for bodybuilding and to increase physical activity.


Almonds are considered very good snacks for almond bodybuilding. There is a lot of amino acids that are useful in making mussels. Ricoza is an Italian item made of sheep milk. By consuming it the bones are strong and the body also becomes stronger. Beetroot is found in nitrate, which makes the body builder's activity good. It should be boiled before and then used as a vegetable.

chicken breast

By eating chicken breast or only chicken you will get high-quality protein. There is absolutely no fat in it, so eat it properly. Avocado will get 20 essential nutrients, 250 calories, 10 grams of fiber and 15 gm monosaturated fat in avocados. By taking it, the body gets better

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