WHAT TO EAT AFTER WORKOUT ? | best 10 foods to eat after workout (JANUARY 2019)

foods to eat after workout


By working out, we make ourselves fit and strong. For this we workout like walking, weight training, aerobics, football, running etc. But there is a loss of energy from the body as well as nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrate, etc. also decreases. This causes fatigue in the body. Therefore, in order to make the body energetic, within 30 minutes of the workout, the diet giving energy should be consumed. In the next slideshow, know about the foods that should be eaten after a workout.

Eat Egg

It is the best source of energy because it contains proteins, zinc, and colin. Do not answer eggs in the food that enhances the muscles. You can also get as much protein as you eat fewer eggs compared to other foods. You can also eat egg omelet.

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Eat avocado

In addition, more than 20 essential nutrients are present in Avocados, in addition to 250 calories, 10 grams of fiber and 15 g monosaturated fat is present in an avocado. Therefore, avoiding avocado for energy after a workout.

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Sweet potato

Sweet potato is also a great source of energy. It contains carbohydrate and antioxidant which provides energy to the body. Therefore, take a sweet potato after a workout.

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Eat Salmon fish

Oats has plenty of energy. Eating it after a workout increases the body's strengths and strengths. It can eat with milk. If you do not have oats, you can also use domestic porridge. Although it is a bit thicker but in terms of strength, it is better than oats.

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White rice

Although Brown Rice is also a better option for you, white rice is a good alternative to eating brown rice after a workout. To give energy to the body after the workout should eat high glycemic index diet and white Chava enhances blood sugar levels in the body which increases the glycemic index. Therefore white rice after a workout is a good option for you.

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Dry fruits

You can eat dry food after a workout. Dry foods such as Almond, Munka, Chilgaonja etc. have monosaccharide fat which gives strength to the body. Apart from this they also save the body from diseases.

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Iron and Vitamin C are abundant in this. Apart from this, it is also a good source of protein and carbohydrate that provides energy to the body. This is a good option after a workout.

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Chicken and Mutton

Chicken contains omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and amino acids which gives energy to the body. Apart from this mutton also contains protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B. So after the workout, eat chicken or mutton.

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Eat fruit

The use of fresh fruits prevents you from diseases and provides energy to the body immediately. Nutrients like Vitamin C, Protein, Water, Fiber and Carbohydrate are found in fruits that make the body energetic. Therefore, after the workout, you can also eat fruit juice with fresh fruits.

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So if these articles seem to work, do not eat alone like Cadbury, share it with friends like peanuts.

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